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Image by Kimson Doan
Image by Kimson Doan

New Year, New Paradigm: Abundance Balance & Resilience 2023

What does true abundance mean to you?

We tend to think of abundance in terms of money or "success" in a narrower sense, which is only one aspect of conscious abundance.


We will explore how we can thrive in all areas of our lives, weaving together ancestral wisdom and permaculture - a system for regenerative living based on the principles of nature. For we cannot have abundance without the earth.

Our Western interpretation of it has brought about the devastation of our living planet and a system based on fear, competition and survival. 


Living sustainably and working towards self-sufficiency in this society, especially in the city and without a process to guide us, can seem out of reach - too time consuming or difficult.


New Year is when many of us set resolutions to change our lives and grow our abundance. Yet it can be easy to slip back into old patterns and distractions. The external “problems” we try to fix are often a symptom of an inner resistance or false beliefs. 


Without a solid foundation: a clear vision and plan of action, it can be a challenge to create the life we really want and (thus) a world where life thrives. 


Yet in nature, everything works in harmony, with ease. Through understanding natural principles, we can create abundance for ourselves and the earth.