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Hello and welcome.

I'm Isabel. I have been studying and practising permaculture for several years now. After university I moved across the world to Colombia and witnessed the devastating impact our Western consumerist lifestyles were having on other countries. Digging into "sustainability" further I discovered that regeneration goes beyond tweaking our current failing system to do less damage than before to repairing it and restoring life on earth, creating regenerative, resilient cultures, communities and systems. 

I completed a Permaculture Design Course (PDC), food growing and food forest courses with Rakesh "Rootsman Rak" and Permaculture Teacher Training with Rakesh and Graham Bell, both highly renowned teachers in the field. It opened up a whole new way to see the world - which is essentially common sense, and how things work in reality/nature.

I am creating a mini food forest in London - a self sustaining beyond organic regenerative supermarket in your backyard - and want to share these wonders with the world! I have held several intro to permaculture and imagine workshops, I teach children and run an outdoor learning after school club.

Social/ people permaculture is the area that especially fascinates me. Rewilding to me means freeing ourselves in all aspects of our lives - mentally, spiritually and physically - as well as the world, through the choices we make each day. I have studied and practise yoga and movement (acroyoga, capoeira, muay thai/ martial arts) which have deeply moved me and informed my teaching.

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