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Image by Nguyen Duc Khoi



“Emergency” and “emergence” are both derived from the Latin ēmergere (to rise out or up).

From the lifeblood of our rivers to our lungs, we are poisoning this planet and our own bodies, creating multiple emergencies - c
limate, covid and beyond.

​It's time to tell a new story, that honours wisdom that is ancient in nature.


A remembrance
that we cannot be healthy without the earth and each other.
That we are woven into a vibrant, interconnected web of life.

We facilitate urban rewilding via simplified creative permaculture design workshops and courses

What is permaculture?

holistic design system which helps us to restore balance by getting to the root of the issues we face.

It is a process to create (eco)systems in which everything works in harmony, creating abundance for people and planet for years to come - with minimal input, time and money.

Upcoming Offerings

Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong

True Abundance Workshop Jan 2023

Do you want to manifest more abundance in any or all areas of your life? When the earth thrives, so do we. Join us to set the tone together for 2023, using the power of permaculture, esoteric wisdom of the Andes, and our own intention and inspired action

Sunday 14th Jan 2023, Katakata Brixton, London


Find balance in the concrete jungle with permaculture: a holistic design system for regenerative living. Start where you are and take small steps towards your own vision of Eden. Go through the process to REAP what you sow, creating your own permaculture design for your garden, allotment and/or home.

COURSE coming soon, Jan 2023.

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