The world is a manifestation of what is happening in individual human beings.

If you cannot bring harmony to your own mind, how can you bring harmony to the world? If you cannot manage yourself, how can you manage the world efficiently and well? Until individual human beings work upon themselves, there is really no solution. There is no such thing as a global solution. It is individual emancipation that will lead to the emancipation of the world. When you and I are doing great, the world will be doing great. The world is just a word. You and I are a reality. If you and I do not fix ourselves, then wanting to fix the world is just a slogan that has no connection with reality.

– Sadguru


How can we make an actual difference in the world?

Why is it so hard to love ourselves?

How can we see nature not as something to conquer, but to live in alignment with?

And not just uncover, but continue to pursue consciousness and compassion in life? For ourselves, as well as others and the living planet.

Sadghuru’s words may make sense. Putting them into practise is the next step.

Only by putting on our own oxygen masks, filling up our own cup fully will our selflessness spill over into others’. Only by facing our fears, addressing our pain, the reality of our own mortality, can we truly let go and start to live. Then can we make a real difference in the world.

There is no ‘global solution’ for each unique individual. We must seek our own truth in order to leave a positive impact on the world. We will be exploring how here.