We live in a world full of wonders, opportunities, nature, web of cultures.

And for many of us, freedom. Freedom largely enabled by the reach of the fantastical World Wide Web.

But ‘free’dom comes at a cost. Costs, as the Freakonomics podcast highlights, that none of us truly understand, or at least know where they’ll jump to next.

Surveillance, algorithms, monitoring our every move. Our newsfeeds, fuelled by clickbait,  are selectively shaping & manipulating our view of reality. With some of our most intelligent computer scientists working on ways to keep us 10 more minutes on Facebook, be that via cute cat videos or friends’ baby photos. Things to keep us ‘happy’ (read: amused) and.. on Facebook.

Not to mention cluttering our paths with ads of yet another thing we need to really be ‘happy’. Originally built on the values of freedom and transparency, various vested interests have transformed the Internet into a business model that relies on this (rather large) revenue.

With the rising power of the corporation, instead of God, Google is our generation’s gatekeeper. Closely guarding its 20% online ad revenue, along with Apple and the rest, elbowing out smaller startups. These giants, that know our origins, our tendencies, even tracking our moods are controlling us now more than ever.  What’s scary is that it’s so subtle.

More profoundly, things of purpose, that require a deeper level of thinking.. activism, opinions outside the status quo or otherwise, whether on a personal or collective level, are drowned out.

And yet of course, used in the right way, the internet is a powerful tool with the potential to bring us together, empowering people and the planet. To gain a higher level of consciousness, and the ability to consume in that way.

Welcome to We Collective.

In the face of climate change, unfair trade, sweatshops, deforestation and the sea of plastic polluting the oceans, We Collective is a space for putting forward positive but realistic life(style) changes to not just be the change. But enact the change. However each individual can.

To better this precious planet, but also people, including ourselves. Something WE need now, more than ever. For the impacts won’t wait, they are happening now.

Coming up is just one way in which ingrained activities of our everyday lives is having a MASSIVE, yet in many ways invisible, impact on the environment. And the turning point I had that inspired me to follow this path to improve the way we treat our planet while living out in Colombia this past year.

More to come on that later… for now, enjoy! And perhaps even learn something. There’s so much to, in life. Ciao for now.