Climate Justice: a Poem to Save Ourselves


The collapse of civilisation is on the horizon.

Long before the release of the IPCC report, did we know.

Yet the reality is a difficult pill to swallow, as the mixed reactions show…


Some pleading for people to make the personal changes possible.

Others urging the need to look beyond the bubble

And assumption that a reusable straw will save the world.


To make the polluter pay with a carbon tax

And take steps to halt the fossil fuel industry in its tracks.

Redirecting the $10m per minute(!!) governments spend on fossil fuel subsidies

To support the #renewablerevolution

All of these make sense. Except, to me, this is about so much more than climate change

It’s a chance for transformation.


To question our core beliefs

Looking beyond ideologies, economics and capitalism

Opening our eyes and embracing the opportunity

To live for something outside of our Selves/ egos.


To see

That we suffer, by destroying mother Earth

In ways we may not see, at first.


This interconnected web of wonders

And ever changing impermanence

That will keep on giving until humanity’s extinction.


And beyond, the possibility of valuing ourselves as more than the material

Mass produced products; marketing manipulating our minds

A never ending affliction.


To look within, and ask what makes us truly happy

Instead of scrabbling after society’s expectations

And the approval of whom, exactly?


To realise the impact on ourselves as well others’ lives that touch ours

when we align with our values

And come together as a community.


Not forgetting

The people right here, right now

Communities that can be empowered to fight plastic pollution

Just look at my two friends starting their own movements

Recycling plastic into beautiful bottles and bikinis.


Caring for the things we own

But not being owned by them.

Knowing their story

And seeing the creativity

in reusing, preserving, passing down and around

Opportunity in innovations that work with Nature

As the tribes under threat in Brazil have done since time begun.


I might sound like a crazy hippie

(At this point I couldn’t care less)

But I’ve been an ASOS addict, who succumbed to consumption to cover up my feelings, fill the darkness

To find… happiness? It made me depressed.


It’s simple.

We need action. And to realise, with each one we choose which world we want to live in

It will have a direct impact, whether we see it or not

By supporting small social business

Choosing quality over quantity

Compassion over “convenience” (for whom?)

One day “ethical” i.e. actually paying a fair wage

And not polluting our precious planet will be the norm

Not the eco freak alternative.


Finding happiness in experiences

Instead of external distraction

Picking presence over presents

Realness, progress, not perfection

Opening up to true connection

And unconditional love




Drastic change is needed. But what if saving that single straw from a turtle’s nose

Sip cup, or standing up to protest starts a domino effect

Step by step, by investing in humanity on this interconnected planet


Putting our money where it matters

For the future, instead of profit above all and the life it shatters

Now we know the truth, what will we do?

Fight for a revolution that may bring us all more that we could imagine?

I’m willing to try. Are you?



* above: every time I pull from the Tarot deck I question how it can be so correct…

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