“How can we create peace in the world if we cannot create it in our own minds?”

– Sadghuru


We are facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions.
Humanity’s extinction is on the horizon. We have *negative years to turn everything around. Our infrastructure, economy, society and community and sense of humanity…
We are the first generation to know the true impacts of our actions, and the last who can do something about it.
We envision a world where not polluting the planet, and paying a fair wage is the norm, not the eco freak alternative.
Not just restore but regenerate, within an economy and system that is built on humanity and connection*
Empowering individuals as part of a community to fight for climate justice.
We Co. is the brain baby of me, Isabel
Truth is, we dont know exactly what the path is. We just know it’s the right one.

What started as a protest against plastic pollution plaguing the Pacific coast of Colombia and indeed across the world, and a means to work out ways we can live more sustainably in our everyday lives, has since expanded to explore how we can not only be better for ourselves, others and the environment, but fight to rewrite the rules of society, in the name of climate justice. We believe this starts with the former: ourselves, to expand outwards to our surroundings, the initiatives the people behind the projects building bridges and a better world.

We are grounded in reality, and the severity of the situation in hand, but focus on the inspiring souls, stories and solutions that already exist, so they can grow, and spread hope for humanity. Provided everything changes…

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