* it’s never too late *


About two years ago, I moved away (from the UK) to live a little differently, let’s say.

They’re the years I have learned more about myself than I have in a lifetime. Perhaps it was always going to be that way..

More than searching for myself, I somehow created, my now calling – to address the fact that every single action we take has a knock on impact, somewhere, however hidden it may seem.

Western “developed” countries are the biggest culprits of all. And the victims of our own “success”. As an economics graduate, it’s still settling in, the economics of it all: 60% of our worth being based on consumption. Unlimited “growth” in a world where resources are finite? What about not only the destruction of the rainforests but the depression, the widespread threat to wellbeing of people all over the world. Overwhelmed with “stuff”, the distractions, we’re not to blame for forgetting what’s really important in life.

It’s about so much more than “sustainability”. It’s about finding purpose on this planet. Being part of a collective that asks for more from life. Having the audacity to live fully, aligning our values our everyday actions. Succeeding on our own terms, gaining awareness of ourselves, and our impact on the planet and others around us. For this feeds us too.

With the advent of Zero Waste movement, we see how conscious consumption can come in all kinds. Important to make it inclusive and accessible. Stripping back to the beauty of what the world has gives us… ultimately, saving, time, and our minds (and bodies). Making small changes where each individual can – to collectively save the lives of over 2000 animals, for one. One single act can inspire one individual to do the same, and eventually spiral into soulful sustainable living for all. But it relies on collaboration.

Welcome to wecollective. A platform to share these ideas, a place where “ethics” meets “aesthetics”, and art, with thrifted threads & other dreams, green sunscreen, that won’t kill all the fishes in the sea. There’ll be the best resources I have scoured to live more soulfully and sustainably – from inspiring people and projects doing good for the world to plan(e)t-based food that gives a fork (featuring dumpster dived deliciousness). I warned you.

Collaborations welcome! Get in touch via button of your choice below, if of course you can’t present yourself in person. Its these connections that can change the world. Peas x