Unnecessary and nutrient-free, your body will thank you for foregoing this sneaky substance that makes its way into certain chips n dips, but so will the planet – esp the rainforest and orangutans, as the main culprit behind their mass destruction.

Suspects: Doritos, Nutella, some cheaper chocolate, biscuits, peanut butters (pure stuff > processed with the unnecessary additives)


Beware. Before long, foregoing Maccy D’s once a week could turn into tofu Tuesdays, (vegan) wine wednesdays (obviously), falafel/ sweet potato fry-yays, hummusundays…

#labelsareforlosers. But seriously, how would you fancy lining up over 8,000 animals and shooting them yourself. After they’ve emitted enough greenhouse gases to suffocate us all.

Sadly, an average meat eater’s prey meets a far more painful death than that. But you don’t have to be a diehard vegan to make a difference, could find yourself becoming a full-blown flexitarian. (Regardless, the transition takes time, unless perhaps you watch Earthlings or Cowspiracy and go through a somewhat existential crisis of humanity’s lack of humanity and double standards when it comes to certain beings and the catastrophic situation in which we are putting our climate.)


Used for a second, sticks around forever. You’ve probs heard, plastic ain’t so fantastic. So stop with the pop. Ditch the disposables. Carry your own coffee cup, bottle of water, straw, if required. Shop  bulk in lots of stores (Asian shops) but also BYOB(ags) to stores like Unpackaged in London.

Find some zero waste starters here.


While foregoing the purchase is obviously preferable, buying recycled materials: look for post consumer plastic/ packaging – loo roll (often up to around 80%), Castile soap (100%)

5. DON’T WASH (with unnatural nasties, that otherwise run into the rivers)

  • Use castile (for home, hair and everything in between) or another basic organic/ veg based soap refilled at ur local green store.
  • Ammonium, bleach & other chemicals can be replaced with bicarbonate of soda for more scrubbing (also good for occasional hair wash)
  • or vinegar (apple cider for a conditioning hair rinse, 1:1 white vinegar: water for disinfecting surfaces)
  • lemon juice (mix with olive oil for perfect wood polish).

Vinegar has long been touted as a cure all for everything cleaning (home and body, outside and in! – in the form of ACV aka apple cider vinegar). It’s just that it’s been drowned out by the branding of synthetic smelling cleaners we have grown so accustomed to.

Anyway, all highly effective AND environmental options. What have you tried?